Just a Thought

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time to revive the old blog

My poor neglected blog. A funny little thing called facebook came along in to my life and I neglected my poor little blog. I just realized how long it has been since I have posted on my blog and how sad am I??? Let's see if I can do the cliff notes version with some pics. We went to Charleston, South Carolina last December to go house hunting. We found our house on day 2 and put in a offer. They accepted and we were on our way to home ownership again. We spent the rest of our days checking out the local sites. In January we made the move from Maryland to South Carolina. We enjoyed some nice weather including being able to go to the beach in February on a day that hit 70 degrees! Then one week later their once in a 20 year freak snow storm hit here and we got 5 inches of snow. It melted in a few hours but it was cool to see the snow on the palm trees. We finally closed on our house in April and started some fun tasks of re-painting some rooms. In June my mom and nephew came down to visit for the summer and we took the kiddos to Disney World. Wow, what an adventure that was. Lots to do and no rest, so not a good vacation for relaxing. Fun was had by all though. In August I had the honor to fly to Texas to photograph Vanessa and JR's wedding. I was so glad to be able to be there for her big day. In September I registered to start school at The Art Institute of Charleston to get my Bachelors degree in Graphic Design. It is now mid term and I have 2 A-'s and 2 A's. So not too shabby for the girl who almost didn't graduate high school. LOL!! Oh ya, Walter put on the rank of Master Sergeant in February and I am so proud of him and his accomplishments with his career. Whew, okay, I think that is the quick update version. If I remember more, I will post more later. Now for the pics!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another victim of the over the hill club!!

Yep Walter has joined the ranks of over the hill. We celebrated his birthday this past Monday in true 40th birthday style. I had a guess a little too much fun with this. We had a nice party for him in the evening where we were joined by friends and family. I think he really enjoyed his day. Although this is what he woke up to. LOL!!

I did have a little too much fun with balloons, but hey you only turn 40 once.

That is not a Christmas tree in the background, LOL, it is our Halloween tree. Here is the cake I made for him and some of the food we had.

Here is the birthday boy and his inferno cake. (Yes I got a fire permit, LOL). He almost got them all blown out, but there was one stubborn candle.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Summer 2009 in Pictures

Well I have been a bad, bad blogger over the summer and thought I would do a quick recap of what we were up to over the summer, but do it mostly through pictures. We went camping to Fort Meade, Maryland near Baltimore, took a quick trip to Ocean City, Maryland, went to Chocolate World in Hershey Pennsylvannia, had a fun get together at our house on the Fourth of July, went to Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvannia, took a trip down to Charleston, South Carolina to scope out the area before we move there next year. Went to the beach there and got to see our first alligator!! Celebrated Vanessa's birthday, enjoyed some summertime thunderstorms and finally sending off the kids to another year at school. Whew!!!